Frédéric Bérat Frédéric Bérat
(Rouen 1801 - Paris 1855)

The following is a translation of an article in Communes 76.  The original article in French can be viewed HERE.

Frédéric Bérat was born in Rouen on March 11, 1801.

In 1836 Frédéric Bérat was employed by the gas company and writing songs on the side, when, on a boat trip from Rouen to Sainte-Adresse, he composed a song which would make his fortune: Ma Normandie.

Afterwards he dedicated himself to his songcraft and became friends with Béranger, another famous songwriter. He composed, as well, some other songs of note -- Mimi Pinson, le Départ, la Montagnarde, le Retour du petit Savoyard....

He died in Paris on December 2, 1855.

Another thoroughly-researched look at Bérat and the  origin and history of  'Ma Normandie' (en français), by Laurent Quevilly is available HERE.

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