And on your sixty-fifth Betty baked a cake.
You blew the candles out and then
Unwrapped our sentiments,
And graciously accepted them.

Over cake and ice cream the conversation turned,
And Jeremy's ears pricked,
"You won medals in the war!"
"Why don't you ever wear them?"
"Will you show them to me please?"

So mémère brings the medals out,
"This one's for good conduct, this one marksmanship..."
A little littany ensues.  We sit engrossed,
An audience in a little theatre, viewing
"The Adventures of an Unsung Hero."

"...No, I never got a Purple Heart -
A bullet once grazed the back of my hand,
But it didn't bleed..."

I wonder - unseen wounds and unshown medals -
How many more are they,
The hidden scars of wars
That history wont record,
And trophies undisplayed
Earned for deeds unsung?

"...Yes, I suppose I should send for that POW medal..."

And I'm only just now
Getting to know you.

words: Father's Day 1990
music: Father's Day 1992
for  Raymond J Provencher
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