Le Trou Normand

Back Le Trou Normand, (the Norman Hole,) is traditionally served in a champagne goblet, (though my mother used a flute,) between courses, (see Le Menu,) in an elaborate meal to make room for more happy indulgence. Recipes

1 shot (1.5 oz.) Calvados
2 balls green apple sorbet

In the absence of apple sorbet, (which can be quite hard to find in the US,) my mother used lime sherbet, which still made a refreshing gastronomic auger to create room for the gustatory delights to come.

For the purists among you, you can make your own green apple sorbet by following this traditional green apple sorbet recipe.


Prepare directly in glass.
Place 2 balls of sorbet in the glass.
Pour Calvados over the sorbet.

Serve immediately.

Ŕ votre santé!