Le Menu
Here is a copy of a menu from one of Mme Provencher's legendary New Year feasts.
Her menus incorporated many elements of Norman Cuisine, most notably the Trou Normand, inserted between the Entrée, (in French, the opening course,) and the main course (plat principal).  Typical menu structure is as follows:

Hors d'œuvres
Trou Normand
Main course
Cheese and/or Dessert
Coffee and/or Digestif
My mother's New Year feasts were typically, (as you may surmise from the menu,) six-hour affairs. With each course calling for a new bottle to be opened, convivial good-cheer abounded throughout. Guests from both sides of the Atlantic, and both coasts of the US, looked forward to regaling themselves each New Year chez Provencher.